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Magnetic deburring process

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Magnetic deburring process

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Magnetic deburring process
Shanghai Musen automation equipment Co., Ltd. magnetic polishing deburring process: into the plate, four brush (2 2) swing, high-pressure water washing (30Kg/cm2) and circulating water washing, washing, dry, dry, and baking to obtain board
The deburring equipment deburring machine is mainly used for printed circuit board drilling burr is removed, the appearance of the oxide layer and special equipment for purifying plate. High pressure cleaning pump 30Kg/cm2, can thoroughly remove drilling burr and the appearance of the dirt, deburring machine manufacturers is the key to ensure the quality of equipment PCB hole.
Deburring equipment deburring machine is widely used in small and medium fine parts deburring, edge, edge to fly down, derusting, descaling, electroplating before disposal, and get rid of the cutter profile, the deburring equipment deburring machine in deburring together with polished Zengliang, clean new energy. Particularly suitable shapes clutter, micro fine parts, special-shaped deformation of thin arm, thin, narrow and other parts deburring problem. Deburring equipment deburring machine biggest strengths is that in deburring together, does not change the look and feel of workpiece size precision, the obvious progress, and has the functions of polishing and brightening. Polishing workpiece appearance up to mirror light.
Deburring equipment deburring machine currently has been widely carried out in small parts in batch production processing, completely replace the traditional and backward deburring technology, deburring power, benefit is obvious progress.
Deburring equipment deburring machine has been widely used in machinery manufacturing deburring, electronic parts deburring, instrumentation deburring, light industry, clock parts deburring, military aerospace, textile accessories, auto parts deburring deburring, bearing profession, medical equipment, fine parts deburring, powder metallurgy, metal stamping burr and technology products, things and many other professional category. In a medium-sized fine workpiece deburring, edging, chamfer, rust, oxidation to the skin, remove processing marks, polishing, polishing, mirror polishing function apparent progress, can be completely replaced expensive imported deburring and polishing equipment.

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